• What is Breshna?

    Breshna empowers users to create video games for educational, training and marketing purposes without writing a single line of code. Breshna is no code, low-cost and makes games at lightning speed, it's literally in her name! Breshna means lightning in the Pashto, our founder's mother language.

  • What problem are we solving?

    While video games are an effective communication/learning tool but making them is costly and complicated! We are reimagining the way video games are created and used.

  • What kind of games will I be able to make on Breshna?

    Games that are fun, engaging and empower you to meet your strategic objectives. Think Super Mario but with a purpose beyond entertainment! Whether you are training new employees, raising brand awareness or making history lessons more fun, Breshna empowers you to meet your strategic goals in an inspiring and interactive manner.

  • What does GRID stand for?

    GRID is an acronym for two separate legal entities:

    • Gaming Revolution for International Development Inc. (C-corp, est 2021): venture-backed business building Breshna, a platform that empowers users to create their own video games with no-code, at low-cost and at lightning speed.
    • Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development Inc. (501 c(3), est 2016): creates low-cost mobile games to educate, engage and empower people for positive behavior change in underserved communities.