A Word from our Founder

Hi Bolt Squad,

I am Mariam, the Founder of GRID and I'm thrilled to welcome you to our Bolt Squad (Breshna means lightning/thunder in the Pashto language, our Bolt Squad carries our thunder).

We are building a world where everyone, irrespective of their coding or design skills, can tell their story through video games. As a non-tech Founder, I always believed in the power of video games, but did not have the tools to create my own game. Breshna is my way of transforming non-tech creatives like myself to become empowered game makers.

Breshna empowers everyone to engage their audience in a fun and impactful way! Whether it's:

A teenagerchallenging his friends
A teachermaking math fun
A business ownermaking marketing more interactive
A content creatortelling their story
A social impact organizationmaking behavior change impactful

They can all use Breshna to communicate through no-code video games!

Breshna operates at the intersection of (i) no code (ii) hyper-casual games (iii) web3 and (iv) social impact. We are soon launching Breshna's web3 layer, which will empower users to not only create and share their own games but also own and monetize them. Users will be able to input their own NFTs into their video games and also display them in the Breshnaverse, a virtual carnival.

I am a US-based Pakistani entrepreneur, with 12 years of experience in the Edtech space and 7 years in purposeful video games. For this work, I have been recognized on the Forbes Next 1000 List and am a recipient of the Clinton Global Initiative University Honor Roll Alumni Award. I am backed by a team of 18 top-quality, capital efficient game developers and designers. ​​We have committed ourselves to transforming a billion dollar industry and disrupting how video games are made and used.

I invite you to join our Bolt Squad and unleash the power of no-code for video games. So what do you say, are you game?


Founder & CEO


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